Service Time

Sunday morning

Worship Service @ 10:00AM


Eagle Ridge Middle school

42901 Waxpool Road, Ashburn, VA 20147

Legacy: Men's Ministry




Whether you are teenager, college student, newly married, seasoned father or sage, we leave a legacy behind.  It is what we are known for.  People know us by our deeds and by our actions.  A small exchange of words at the right time or a small assistance to someone in need, leaves a mark on the lives of others. Each indelible mark left with the people around us are seeds that are sown for others in our community, our workplace and our families.  

The legacy logo displays a large tree with deep roots symbolizing our legacy.  I believe the tree is a great symbol of a life well lived.  I know a great artist/cartographer  who designs hand-drawn maps.   He drew a map of his own property that he gifted to me.  I love the map.  His property is about 50 acres in Loudoun County.  About 10 of the 50 acres are covered in forest with a stream running through the middle of the forest.  What I love about the map is that he calls out one tree because it stands out as a land mark.  This tree is large and staggering.  As a kid I would have loved to have climbed it!  It has seen many seasons and storms.  The legacy of this tree has been inked on a map and is known by anyone who sees this map as the “Great Oak.”   The great oak has a huge root system and a tap root that is as deep as the tree is tall.  This tap root is what sustains it’s strength and without it, strong winds will avail and blow the tree over.  The tap root is our faith, deeply rooted in God’s Love through his word and his Spirit that dwells in us.    With it, we leave our legacy.  We can stand tall and become landmarks in our community.  

 The forest, like our community is full of trees that create a protective sanctuary for other smaller trees, plants and wildlife.  The ground below is made of fertile soil. The roots below are  interwoven, passing different chemicals, vitamins and minerals back and forth between each other.  The roots are a network that share and strengthen each other making the forest stronger.  The trees draw up water from the ground and help create running streams.   It’s said that when deforestation happens, all water in the area dries up from both lack of protection from direct sun contact but also from the lack of water being drawn by the natural root systems.  

We as brothers are called to serve those around us, hold each other up and be available for each other.  Without the church and the leaders among us, families and communities will suffer.  We are called to be landmarks, directing those around us people to our Lord, the one who sustains us and gives us life.   


I look forward to building this legacy together.  If you need anything, please feel free to contact me any time.  


God’s Peace brothers!

-Dan Fedick