Service Time

Sunday morning

Worship Service @ 10:00AM


Eagle Ridge Middle school

42901 Waxpool Road, Ashburn, VA 20147

Our Roadmap




Do you have a friend you can call on in a crisis?  Do you have another man you can share the struggles of life with, openly and honestly, who will walk with you to overcome those struggles?  Seeing each other every week at church is great, but that alone is not going to form friendships that go deep and that hold us accountable to the challenges life throws at us.  XC Men wants to help connect men of Cross Current to get to know each other, to put names to faces, to dig deeper in their friendships and faith, and help find brothers in Christ we can walk through life with – through the good and the bad times. 



What are you passionate about?  What makes you tick?  What lights a fire under you?  Do you even know the answers to these questions anymore?  Well if you don’t, its time to find out!  God created each of us with unique passions and desires that make us who we are.  If this passion burns out, so do we – and, most likely, so do the relationships around us.  That glaze over the eyes appears and it affects all that we do and those around us.  God made men the way He did for a reason.   We need to step up to be the men God created us to be and to live life full of the passions he has placed uniquely in each one of us.



Are you a leader?  Are you an effective one?  Do you even want to be one? 

Regardless of your walk in life, you are called to lead in some capacity – at church, in your marriage, at work, in your friendships, in the choices you make.Being a leader is not just for those running an international corporation – it's for all of us. 

Each of us needs to have the courage to step up and lead, and learn how to lead effectively in the small (or large) circles of our own lives.  What would our marriages look like if we stepped up and led as God called us to as husbands?   What would our work places look like if we stepped up as leaders and led with integrity?  How would our children's lives be different if we stepped up and led as fathers?  What would our church look like if we stepped up and led in places that others don’t want to or aren’t willing to?  What would our community, where we live, look like if we stepped up as strong leaders in our schools and neighborhoods?  What would our relationship with God look like if we stepped up and passionately pursued Him? Lets find out!



Above all, we need to know what GOD says about all of these things!  Is Christ at the center of all that you do?  Is He leading each choice you make?  Are you willing to hand over the steering wheel and let Christ lead the way?   Lets tackle these challenges together.  We need to make sure that Christ is in the center of all that we do -  in our community, friendships and relationships and in our passions that drive us as men and as leaders.  Without Christ at the center and heart of all these things, they are destined to travel down a wrong and destructive road.  However, with Christ at the center, we will discover true and genuine friendships, a passion that was put in us by our creator, and the ability to step up and lead in the right direction and affect the lives of others.  We want to strive for a mature relationship with Christ and then be able to step out and help others do the same thing. 


So that is our road map.  That is our focus.  We hope you are ready to jump in and start living life in community and full of passion with us!